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Goodbye from Britain

UK election: Britain decides to “Get Brexit Done” – yes, it’s Friday the 13th

In what could fairly be called a “landside win” for Mr. Boris Johnson, The United Kingdom’s general election has been won by the Conservative Party, with a clear majority of some eighty seats over all the other political parties combined. This empowers him to unopposedly push through the Brexit agreement he negotiated with the European Union. Sadness and explanations from Dave…

Photo of a Spitfire fighter plane from World War 2

UK election: Dave’s not totally convinced by Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, but is totally unconvinced by Mr. Boris Johnson – please vote Labour

Dave won’t be getting to vote at all in the UK General Election today – he’s been out of the country too long, and doesn’t qualify to vote. If Britain had proportional representation, it might be different. Britain needs electoral reform. But, for those who can vote, he recommends Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in Scotland and, on balance, the Labour party in England. Wales and Northern Ireland? Undecided… Why? Read on…