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About Dalek Zone

Picturre of the Dalek operations room by. jim197 on DeviantArt.com

Dalek Zone is a place where Dave rants about rights and wrongs, or bores people into a stupor with articles about Linux and Open-Source software. When he’s not ranting and raving, Dave sometimes makes tuneless noise with his harmonica and guitar, rather like Dave Lister from the Red Dwarf.

Dave likes to think of himself as a bit of a galactic hitch-hiker, and always has his towel to hand. He always has his backpack nearby, too. Dave likes travelling. And eating. And talking to people, when he can get them to listen.

Faced with the possible extinction of humanity and most other life forms on Earth, Dave thought maybe he should try and say something. Many people think Dave is dumb. And they may be right in some ways. But when he looks at the world, the human race seems to be even dumber.

Dave is a essentially a gentle soul who hates violence and cruelty. He stands on the edge of society, watching, bewildered.

He empathises a lot with that guy who was supposed to have got nailed to a cross some two thousand years ago, for saying what a great idea it would be if we were all to be nice to each other.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Never give up hope, because all will somehow come out right in the end. Okay?

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